10 Content Ideas for Makers and Creators

10 Content Ideas for Makers and Creators

Are you a maker or content creator? Do you struggle to come up with content ideas? Then we got you! It can often be difficult to come up with engaging and strategised Instagram content, so here are TEN content ideas for makers and content creators!


  1. Day in the life 

Starting with a classic… showcase a typical day in your industry to your audience! Show off a standard day in your studio making your products, or what a content creation/industry day looks like for you! This is a great way to demonstrate to your audience what goes into making the products/content they love, and allows them to form more personal connections with you and your page. Curate clips of your day together into an engaging reel and reel-y (see what we did there 👀) have fun with it!


  1. Show the Process

Showcasing your process is another great way to form connections with your audience. If you’re a maker, demonstrate how you take your raw materials (such as polymer clay) and create your products (such as earrings). Consider utilising time lapse features to produce this piece of content for added interest!


  1. Before and After

Everybody LOVES a transformation and what better way to do it than a classic before and after?! If you’re a maker, showcase your product before (raw materials) and after (finished product), or your product improving a space, such as a scented candle on a side table! Similarly, if you’re a creator, you can show your ‘before’ and ‘after’ in ‘get ready with me’ style content or something specific to your industry. This content piece provides a great opportunity to use a dramatic reels transition!


  1. Style With Me 

This is another great transformation piece where you can bring your audience along as you style either a product, space or person. Showcase the styling process from start to finish in a fun and engaging reel! 


  1. This or That

Who doesn’t love to give an opinion? This content piece is a GREAT way to engage with and nurture your audience. Present multiple products/designs/outfits etc in an image carousel and ask your audience to vote for their favourite in the comments! This can also be produced as story content using the Instagram poll sticker! 


  1. Behind the Scenes

Your audience follow you for a reason, so why not make them feel special and give them a sneak peek behind the scenes?! 


  1. Photo Dump

Photo dumps are simple, yet effective, and are currently taking Instagram by storm! Showcase your products, elements of your industry or your week in a ‘random’ assortment of images in a carousel. As long as you’re sticking to your content pillars, you can really have fun with this trend! 


  1. Create a How-To or Tutorial

Tutorials and How-To’s are great educational pieces to engage your audience. Show your audience how to use one of your products or create or style something within your industry! This content piece would be best produced as a reel and allows you take advantage of fun transitions and trending audios!


  1. Gift Guide

Regardless of whether or not a holiday season is coming up, a gift guide is always a great way to engage your audience, and showcase your products or industry favourites! Pick an audience segment, and curate a gift guide that they would enjoy. This can either be produced as a reel, carousel or an Instagram guide!


  1. About Me 

Finally, introduce yourself to your audience and demonstrate a little about you and/or your business. This is a great way to encourage your audience to form personal connections with your brand, and engage with your community. 


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