10 Product Reels Ideas

10 Product Reels Ideas

You should know by now that Reels, should be integral to your business’s social media strategy; and are essential for growth on Instagram. 


Are you a product based business owner and are feeling stuck on what to create with reels? Here are TEN Product reels ideas to inspire you!


1. Packing/unpacking an order 📦

Who doesn’t love a sneak peek behind the scenes? For this piece, you can utilise time lapse features or film the unboxing in multiple shots to add interest! Not only are these reels super satisfying to watch, they also allow you to demonstrate your business values to your audience by showcasing the care that goes into packaging their orders!


Brownie points if you can get this content from an influencer, ambassador or customer!


2. Demonstrate how to use one of your products 🤳

This educational piece is great, as it allows you to demonstrate your products unique selling point to your audience, and adds interest around your product suite! As well as this, taking time to demonstrate how to use one of your products preps your audience for purchase, as it increases the chances that you will be at the forefront of their mind when they consider buying. 


3. Share your best sellers

Sharing your best sellers also adds interest to your product suite, and allows you to showcase why that product is a best seller. You can also include some customer testimonials in this reel, to demonstrate why this product often sells out!


4. Create gift guide 🎁

This one is particularly great if there is a holiday just around the corner, but can also work all year round! Showcase your product suite as a ‘gift guide’ for various customer segments using multiple shots. A good way to do this would be in a ‘top three gifts for [customer segment]’ format, with the title on the screen followed by close ups of your three selected products!


5. Debunk common myths about your product or industry

All industries have myths, and reels are a great outlet to debunk some! List some common misconceptions in your industry or about your product and debunk them. This will not only add interest around your brand, but also establish you as an authority figure in the industry enabling you to build trust within your audience.


6. Share the story of your brand 📜

All brands have a story, and sharing it will not only nurture relationships with your audience but also humanise your brand. A great way to share this would be through a chronological format, demonstrating why you founded your brand and the growth that it has had!


7. Share three different ways to style your product 🪄

This works especially well for clothing or interiors based businesses, but can work for many other product types! In three separate shots, showcase different ways to style your product!


8. Tease an upcoming product or collection 🤐

Teasing an upcoming collection is not only another great way to build interest around your product suite, but also a brilliant way get people on your mailing list and encourage cross-platform growth. Offer your mailing list audience an early bird access sale to encourage leads and grow your audience outwith Instagram. 


9. Introduce the team 👥

This is another great way to humanise your brand! Introduce your different team members in multiple shots with a brief bio of their role in the business! If you’re a solopreneur, list the jobs you do as a one man band with multiple shots of you carrying them out!


10. Answer commonly asked questions

Reels are a great place to answer commonly asked questions. Present your questions in one shot, followed by the answer in a different one. This is also a great content piece to refer back to, as whenever you get an influx of new followers, you can share it to your story to pre-emptively answer any questions they may have! Hello evergreen content 😍. 


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