3 Ironic Truths We Discovered From Auditing 150 Accounts

3 Ironic Truths We Discovered From Auditing 150 Accounts

We’re not sure if you knew this already, but at Pure Gallus Social we are TOTAL data nerds. We work with a variety of amazing businesses, creators, makers and service providers and from conducting data deep dives on over 150 client accounts, three ironic truths became undeniably clear…


Engagement Strategies are Directly Correlated with Low Engagement 


If you have ever forced yourself to spend hours mindlessly engaging with accounts in the name of growing your Instagram following or getting better engagement, you have been well and truly barking up the wrong tree. 96% of audit clients who admitted to using engagement strategies had a low to very low engagement rate. 


Over Posting Leads to Poor Growth and Poor Engagement 


The poorest engagement and growth rates detected through audits were those who posted more than once a day. The highest had a posting frequency between 5 and 7 posts per week. This does not include stories. 


Growth Hacks are the Leading Cause of a Shrinking Follower-ship 


Follow loops, follow/unfollow technique, engaging for attention… all of these growth hacks provide short form follower growth BUT they are also the leading cause of follower loss in these accounts. This is due to lots of followers who are not actually engaged with or interested in the content or the products, so eventually they drop off. 


These three ironic truths point towards one bigger truth for life- taking shortcuts never ends well!


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