5 Things You Can Do NOW to Prepare for Your Q4 Content Marketing

5 Things You Can Do NOW to Prepare for Your Q4 Content Marketing


It’s September already, how did that happen?! The final quarter of the year is home to some of the most notable events of the year, so it is often a busy time, however, you can start prepping NOW to ensure you’re prepared for Q4 and 2023. 

No matter the size of your business, you should always have a seasonal strategy in place, after all, all the major celebrated holidays’ are just around the corner! As a small business it can feel overwhelming when thinking about your Q4 content marketing, but don’t worry! Here are 5 things you can do NOW to prepare for the festive season and sleigh the season! 


  1. Clearly Define Your Festive Goals 🎄🎯


The first step to any form of preparation is to have clear goals you want to achieve from your 2022 Q4 marketing. At Pure Gallus Social, we’re big fans of SMART goals. 


Specific - Determine what you want to accomplish from your Q4 marketing. Clearly lay out what you want your business to achieve in this quarter. 


Measurable- Can you measure these goals? Ensure you have appropriate tracking and events set-up in advance. 


Attainable- Are the goals you are setting realistic for your business? Remember quality over quantity. 


Relevant- Are the goals you have set relevant to your business? What is it you SHOULD be focusing on in Q4?


Time bound- Set these goals NOW. Before you know it, tinsel will be decking the halls and Santa will have made his list and checked it twice. Ensure you give yourself the time to plan and execute your festive goals. 


  1. Establish Your Calendar and Plan Your Promotions 📅


Q4 houses key dates such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year so you will need to have a well constructed marketing calendar to help you make the most of these opportunities for your business. Organising your calendar to the end of the year NOW will help you create successful account and make the most of increased website traffic around these key dates. 


Establishing and planning your promotions and ensuring all content is in place well in advance will eliminate any last-minute mistakes and stress. 


  1. Optimise Your Site and Instagram Account Discoverability 🔍🕵️


Another key thing you can do to prepare for your Q4 marketing is ensuring your site and/or Instagram Account are fully optimised for search. 


Mistakes such as slow load times, a lack of mobile payment optimisation, inaccurate results and complicated user intercase can be detrimental. Optimising your site to allow a smoother purchasing journey will go a long way during busy periods. Learn how to increase your Instagram account discoverability and search here. 


  1. Ramp Up Your Brand Awareness NOW 👥📣


Now is the perfect opportunity to truly ramp up your brand awareness. Encourage as many people into your sales funnel as possible now, then you can enter a nurture phase at the start of the festive period to get your audience prepped for purchase. 


  1. Start Batching Your Festive Content Now 🎥


Here at Pure Gallus Social we are HUGE advocates for batching your content. Content batching is one of the most effective ways to create social media content. Why? It not only helps you save time, reduce stress and post consistently but also allows you to repurpose your ideas seamlessly across various social platforms. 


Consider starting to batch your festive content now to stay ahead of the game!


Does the thought of Q4 fill you with dread? Then book your 1-1 strategy call today! 

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