10 Content Club Features You Can’t Live Without

10 Content Club Features You Can’t Live Without

We introduced Content Club to help business owners strategise their content marketing and save time! Next month, it’s getting a makeover and we’re adding new features you cannot live without!


Here are ten Content Club features that just make sense


📱A content prompt for every single day

Content club provides daily strategised content ideas tailored for your business type. With structured caption ideas and calls to action for every single content piece. Talk about making life easy- a game changer!


📱Handpicked trending audio- refreshed every week

Gone are the days of panic-scrolling! Content club provides you with handpicked trending audio, updated every week to keep you at the cutting edge of content creation!


📱Step-by-step reel instructions with example videos 

Reels can be tricky, so we’ve kept your life simple by providing step by step visual instructions and examples for each reel! 


📱Editing your plan for your business 

Content club arrives as a bespoke interactive PDF! With this new format, daily strategised content cards alongside blank cards for you to edit; meaning you can tailor your plan to suit you alongside your strategy. Gone are the days of having to swap between multiple Trello boards! Your strategy is all in one place for easy content planning. 


📱Printable Version

As well as digital editing capabilities, a printable PDF will also be provided for all who prefer a more tangible planning experience!


📱 Easy Saving

The upgraded content club format includes an easy-to-save page with all audio and Canva links,  meaning you can save all your trending audio and Canva templates in one go! 


📱Monthly mini-masterclass 

Every month, we will be hosting a mini-masterclass for all Content Club members! These will either be presented over zoom or as long form video content. From content batching to reels transitions, we’ll cover it all!


📱Mini drop-in clinic

On the last Friday of every month, we’ll be hosting a one hour drop in clinic over zoom. This is an additional space to give you any assistance you many need with the upcoming content plan. 


📱Monthly resources

Each month you’ll also receive a new digital or printable resource to help with content strategy and creation. Ranging from hashtag trackers to customer personas and content ideation worksheets- it’ll help you slay your content once and for all!


📱Our accountability group: Content Clubhouse

Our exclusive Content Club Facebook group, Content Clubhouse is a simple way to connect with other content club members, ask any questions and get the latest updates regarding content club! Sometimes it’s nice to feel held accountable!


What’s your favourite feature in Content Club? Let us know in the comments below!

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