6 Ways to SAVE TIME on Your Instagram Marketing

6 Ways to SAVE TIME on Your Instagram Marketing

Creating compelling, value packed content can be time consuming, and is often stressful when you have other aspects of your business to focus on. At Pure Gallus Social, we have given a variety of busy bee business owners the tools they need to effectively conduct their content marketing, without loosing hours to strategy and creation. Here are SIX content creation tips to help you queen bee’s ace the gram in double quick time! 



🐝 Pick a Manageable Schedule

If you’re a mum, working 9-5 and trying to fit in your side hustle, don’t try to cram in 2 posts a day and daily stories. That is simply insane. Pick something manageable that you can do even on your busiest weeks. 


🐝 Plan Content in Advance

Don’t wing it. Not knowing what you are making is a sure fire way to waste hours of precious content creating time!


🐝 Batch Create Content 

Need a quote post? Make three. Need a reel? Film two. Batch creating your content will save you time in the long run, and means you have extra content in the bank for emergencies. 


🐝 Max 2 Hours Spent Filming Reels

Plan your reels and dedicate two hours to reels filming. If you manage two- great! If you manage five- amazing. The more practice you get, the more you can create in that 2 hour window! 


🐝 Auto-Post

You can schedule pictures, carousels and videos to auto-post using software like later.com or creator studio. This can save so much time. 


🐝 Reuse Popular Concepts

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time you do a post. Recycling is good for the environment AND busy business owners! Try taking a successful carousel and turning it into a reel etc!


Love these ideas? Let us know which ones you are BUZZING to incorporate into your routine!


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