Authenticity in Business = £££££

Authenticity in Business = £££££

 Authenticity is a key factor for success in using Instagram to make sales, but how can you be authentic on your business socials? Our founder, Roo, shares her thoughts on the subject...


When I started by business I was trying to be what everyone thought I was meant to be. Corporate. Professional. Sensible. I tried everything to keep my kookie self off camera and away from the business. I thought the real Roo would destroy everything. Oh how wrong I was. When I let my authentic self out the bag, my following doubled within a month and tripled 6 weeks later - and the sales started flooding in!

Authenticity is a key factor for success in using Instagram to make sales. People buy from people, so showing your true colours can be really beneficial. 

In fact, when I transitioned into bringing my authentic, dungaree wearing, goofy personality to my content, I doubled my following (and my income) over night. 

So how can YOU start to introduce more of your authentic self into your content? Here are some top tips:


Use some of your favourite things to build your branding 

I based a lot of my branding off my favourite outfits, including colours and shapes. You could base yours of your fave clothes, home decor, favourite candy - whatever talks to you!


Show your sense of humour 

Reels is an amazing place to show your sense of humour, but you could use GIFs and memes too!

Cultural References 

Presuming they are also relevant to your target market, why not bring in some of your fave cultural references. Music and sound choice in reels can be a great place to start! I like to use music from my childhood (like Spice Girls) - but you could use snippets from your fave TV shows, films or your current fave bop!

Dress like you 

If you are hiding your authentic self in a bid to look “more professional” this could be coming off as insincere. Pick a consistent look that is indicative of your authentic personal style! This will help you act more natural in photography and videography too! Win win! 

Do you want to feel more authentic on Instagram? Let me know in the comments below!


Roo x 

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