Conversion = Community

Conversion = Community

Conversion is simply a matter of community…


On Instagram, you don’t need to cold DM prospects. You don’t need to engage endlessly with random accounts. You don’t need to constantly use the link sticker in stories. You don’t need to make sales posts every single day. 


You need a community. 


Community is the most underrated sales tool on the planet. With an engaged community, you don’t have to MAKE people buy your products; they will want to naturally! Here are my top tips to building an amazing community, like this one!


Know Who You Are

Your business isn’t the products you sell or the services you provide. It is so much more. Knowing what your brand stands for, what your brand thinks and feels and what your brands values are will be much more powerful for building a community than a logo and some colours. 


Know Who They Are

What do your customers and clients have in common? What are the qualities that bind your community together? Until you know this, it will be impossible to create a real sense of community within your followers. 


Give Value

Value is different to different subsets of society, and there are many types of value. You need to learn what value means to your community and provide it in absolute bucket loads. Perhaps its entertainment value. Perhaps it’s sharing your knowledge. Perhaps you stop people feeling so alone. Know what your unique value is and double down on it. 



We received over 25,000 comments last year- and tried our best to reply to as many as we could, and at least like the ones we couldn’t get round to. We also respond to every genuine DM we receive. You can’t expect your audience to engage with you if all they get in response is crickets! If you are not interested in your target market, why are you in business in the first place?


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