Five Instagram Story Ideas That Sell

Five Instagram Story Ideas That Sell

Do you break out in a sweat at the thought of selling on Instagram stories?


Maybe the thought of promoting your business on the spot gives you stage fright? Or, perhaps, you’re not really sure how to utilise the features to drive sales? Or are concerned about coming across as too ‘salesy’? 


With the capacity for huge engagement, as well as great potential for conversion, Instagram stories should play an integral role in your content marketing strategy. The good news? Selling on stories doesn’t need to feel icky or scary! Instead, it is an engaging way to boost interest around your product suite and nurture your community. 


To help you out, here are five instagram story ideas to boost engagement and increase the likelihood of conversion!



A story Q&A is a great way to engage with your community, and increase interest in your products and services. Providing your audience with the opportunity to ask you questions about your industry and business allows you to solidify yourself in the forefront of their minds when they come to buy; as well as overcome objections potential customers may have regarding your products. Additionally, the 24 hour window means you are able to uncover elements behind your paywall, encouraging conversion and your community to book onto your services. 


🎁 Tease an upcoming launch

The scarce 24 hour window of Instagram stories also allows you the opportunity to sneak an upcoming product or launch. Build anticipation by showcasing a behind the scenes and allowing your audience to be ‘in the know’. Providing an ‘exclusive sneak peek’ is an excellent way to sell your latest product or service… even before you launch! 



Countdowns are a great way to generate hype around an upcoming product or event. They are also a great way to generate a sense of urgency and scarcity. With no sense of urgency in your sales strategy, your followers will drag their feet to the check-out page. You can count down the days to your launch or remind your followers there are only a few hours left before your cart closes. 


💻 Cross pollination- eg: promote blog

Instagram stories are also a great way of encouraging potential customers further down your sales funnel, increasing the potential for conversion and repeat purchasing. Plugging other marketing channels, such as a mailing list or blog allows you to cross-pollinate aspects of your content across 


🔦 Product Spotlight

Do you have a fan favourite? Why not do a product spotlight to promote it and draw attention to your product suite! Highlight the benefits of your product and service to place your business at the forefront of prospect’s minds when it comes to purchasing. 


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