FIVE Steps to Writing the Perfect Caption!

FIVE Steps to Writing the Perfect Caption!

Copywriting can make or break your message and crafting compelling copy is crucial for content marketing. 

Not only does it communicate your brand voice and values, but it also enables the capacity to evoke action in your audience. 

So, how can you do this? Don’t worry, here are our five steps to help you write the perfect caption on Instagram!


Step One: Snappy Title

Use a snappy title to lure your audience in. This should be short and attention grabbing. This is also a great space to pop an emoji!

For example: Do your captions SUCK?


Step Two: Introduce the Topic

This is where you let your audience know what value you are intending to impart upon them- think of it like a (way cooler) essay introduction!

Eg: “A lot of people really struggle with writing engaging copy for their content- but did you know there is a structure that can help you nail your copy every single time?! Let me show you!”


Step Three: Give the Value

You are creating content to give your audience amazing value- so this is your moment. Give them your top tips or tell them an engaging story!

Eg: “Here is my perfect recipe:

1. Snappy title

2. Introduce topic

3. Give value

4. Make it about audience

5. CTA”


Step Four: Make it about the audience

People care about themselves, so make the value about them before you call them to action. We like to use rhetorical questions. 

Eg: “Do you hate writing copy?”


Step Five: Call Them to Action!

You’re not writing all this copy for no reaction, are you? So it’s time to tell your audience what you want them to do!

“Then why not join my caption writing webinar- link in bio!”. 


Will you be using this structure for your captions? Let us know in the comments below!

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