Five Ways to Boost Story Views

Five Ways to Boost Story Views


Instagram stories are a brilliant way to interact with and nurture your audience on Instagram. With the capacity for huge engagement, Instagram stories should be an integral part of your social media strategy. Are low story views getting you down? Here are some tips to get more eyeballs on your story based content…



Take a Day Off


Taking a full 24 hours off posting stories is a well documented way of boosting story views. In fact, here at Pure Gallus Social, we only post stories every second day to ensure high, healthy views and engagement. 





Engagement boosts views, and polls are the easiest way to get a low-effort piece of engagement from your audience. Try doing a “This or That” style quiz. The slider sticker is also a great option!


Stay Valuable 


Low views can be due to a lack of value. You have to give your audience a good reason to want to watch your stories. Try a Q&A or a mini tutorial. 


Cut the Fluff


Stop posting fluff to your story. No one cares that you had a latte. In fact, if you post low value content regularly, it can train your audience to skip your story all together, leading to even lower views. 


Be Exclusive 


Create type around your story activity by offering value on your story that is exclusively found there due to the 24 hour life span. For instance, we often put information in our Q&As that would usually be behind our paywall, because it is temporary. This trains your audience to check your stories. 

Which of these story boosters are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments below! 


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