FIVE Ways to Market a Service on Instagram

FIVE Ways to Market a Service on Instagram

As a visually based platform, Instagram offers ample opportunity for businesses to promote their products and retail outlets through sharing images. A service isn’t as easily photographed as a product, but this doesn’t mean you can’t use Instagram to market your brand!


You Have a Story so Tell it.

Focussed on experiences or aid, service businesses often have a rich and compelling back story. Utilise Instagram to share a visual storytelling of your brand. This can include insights into what goes on behind the scenes, founder insights, your brands vision and values etc. 


Carousel- Inspire With Success Stories

Present client and business success stories using Instagram’s ‘carousel’ format. This allows you to inspire any potential customers and showcase what your brand offers. 


Story Q&As

Showcase your authority and expertise within your brand’s niche through story Q&As. This not only allows you to demonstrate your knowledge but also offers the opportunity to present information that would usually be behind your paywall- but only for 24 hours. This will generate soft leads in what your brand can offer. 



Just because you don’t have a physical product to showcase, this doesn’t mean you can’t utilise Instagram reels to promote your service through entertain and educate content. Reels offer exponential reach with Instagram prioritising short form video. This is also a great way to build personal and emotional relationships with your audience. Showcase you, your founder or your staff and hop on reactive trends!


Go Live

Going live is a brilliant way to engage directly with your community. Here you can answer any questions they have, discuss your services, brand values and allow a personal edge, encouraging emotional relationships to be built, encouraging your service to at the forefront of prospects minds when they come to buy. 


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