Grim Growth Techniques That Give Us The Ick! 😵

Grim Growth Techniques That Give Us The Ick! 😵

There is a lot of advice on Instagram and how to do it best. The truth is, a lot of it is nonsense, and even more of it is irrelevant if you do not have solid content with a great content strategy- and no, a content PLAN is not a content STRATEGY. 


To chase ‘quick rewards’, we’ve seen a variety of grim growth ‘techniques’ that simply do not work. The only way to grow an authentic community and a profitable business is through genuine, organic content strategy.


Here are some ‘tips’ we see commonly on Instagram that we do NOT recommend and quite frankly, give us the ick…


Following Accounts so they Follow you Back

This is just disingenuous and a waste of time. While you might end up with more followers, it commonly also results in a low engagement rate, leading to stunted organic growth. Follow who you ACTUALLY want to follow and leave everyone else well alone!


“Engaging” with your Target Market 

We are huge advocates for engaging with your current followers. Building a community is so important. But, engaging as a GROWTH method feels no better than using the follow/unfollow method. If you are going into hashtags or into peoples follower lists and giving excessive engagement in the hope of gaining attention, please stop. It is incense and will not build you the kind of community you want. 


Doing a Give Away

If you are doing a give away and demanding those that want to enter follow you, tag friends etc in an attempt to gain real, loyal followers, this won’t work and instead will only result in freebie hunters. Instead, do a give away for your community, to grow your connections instead of your follower count. 


Using “Engagement” Agencies

They slip into our DM’s every day, and I am sure they do to you too. They offer mass DM services, mass engagement strategies and more to bring you ‘real’ followers. Well, we are sorry to burst your bubble, but they are never ‘real’ followers! This will kill your account in the long term. In short, if you do not genuinely and authentically want to engage with someone’s account, you shouldn’t be. Period. If you dislike something so much you are outsourcing it, you DEFINITELY shouldn’t be doing it. 


As a rule, if it sounds like a HACK, or will just make your success growth SUPER QUICK- RUN. 


The only thing that will bring you FANS not just FOLLOWERS is INCREDIBLE content; and for that, you need a strategy. 


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