How to COLLABORATE on Instagram- WITHOUT the SPAM!

How to COLLABORATE on Instagram- WITHOUT the SPAM!

Collaboration is the spice of life on Instagram. It allows you to reach new audiences, and gain instant trust with potential new followers, fans and customers. The options really are endless… but one component of this we see most often is spammy, boring, annoying, nonsense. 

How can you leverage collaboration whilst avoiding the spam?

Here are our top tips for a successful (and not annoying) collab on Instagram:


Ideally, you want to select potential collaboration partners who are in an aligned niche, targeting the same audience, but with a different product. For example, a social media expert and a google ads expert could collaborate effectively, as they both serve a similar audience, but with different skillsets. 


Keep it personal!

When you find that perfect potentially collab partner, it’s time to build a genuine, authentic relationship with them. Ditch copy and pasted comments or DMs in favour of opening a proper conversation, and pitching the idea of a collaboration once mutual ground is established. 


Mutually Beneficial

For a collaboration to be an actual collaboration, the benefits need to be mutual. So many ‘collabs’ are actually just a discount code. The company gets a lightly discounted sale, AND free user generated content. The participant gets a discount code and potential (but not guaranteed) exposure. This is not an even split on result. So make sure you and your collaboration partner benefit equally from it. 


Get Creative 

Collaboration should be creative. Especially with the rise of reels and guests on live, there are no so many fun and innovative ways to create collaborative content that serves and entertains your audience. 


Have you had any annoying spammy comments from companies wanting to “collab”? Let us know in the comments below!

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