How to Give Your Product Purchasing Power: The Product Pyramid

How to Give Your Product Purchasing Power: The Product Pyramid

Instagram trades in attention and the remarkable, so your product needs to contain certain elements to succeed on the platform. With 95 million photos and videos shared on Instagram every day, your product needs strong purchasing power to rise above the noise. 


But what gives your product purchasing power?


Here at Pure Gallus Social, we strive to make marketing concepts as digestible as possible, that's why we developed the...


Product Pyramid


Your product needs to contain certain components to succeed: usefulness, explainability and simplicity!


But what are they? And how can you apply them to your product?



At its core, every product needs to solve a problem, hence why ‘usefulness’ forms the basis of the product pyramid. This ‘problem’ can be a practical, for example, a travel pillow for airplane journeys or emotional, for example, vanity with a brightly coloured clothing range. However, ’usefulness' depends upon subjective taste and personal goals. Something that may be ‘useful’ to you, may not be perceived as such by someone else. Therefore, it’s important to keep your target market in mind, and ensure your product is providing a solution to their problems and pain-points. 



The second component your product must have is explainability. If it isn’t clear to prospective customers what your product does, then how are you expected to increase conversion? Here, simplicity is key. Can you explain what your business does in one sentence? 


Eg: At Pure Gallus Social, we educate small businesses on content marketing so they can scale. 


Try it with your business! 



Okay, so your product is useful, and you can condense its USP into a sentence; but is it simple? To give your product maximum purchasing power, you need to take away as much difficulty from your audience or potential audience as possible. Is it easy to use? Is it easy to access? If it’s digital, does it have a solid UX? The aim here is to remove as much friction as possible to increase the potential for conversion. 


Want to unlock the last two tiers of the product pyramid AND find out how to apply all of this to YOUR business to give YOUR product suite as much purchasing power as possible? Join us for our upcoming Masterclass ‘Selling Stuff: How to Sell Your Product on Instagram’ on May 26th to go from zero to hero with your instagram sales strategy. 

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