How to Grow on Instagram

How to Grow on Instagram

What we learnt from Grow Week

The first week of our 2022 Content Strategy Bootcamp looked at growth for your socials. From creating a solid strategy to understanding the importance of attracting and defining your target market and creating content with the capacity for huge reach- there are lots of elements to consider. 

With that in mind, here are our main take-aways when it comes to growth on Instagram. Let’s grow!

You DON’T need to post every day to grow!

That’s right! We found the highest growth in accounts with a post frequency between 1-1.5 and the lowest growth frequency in accounts with a post frequency <1. In general, users who left less than 24 hours between their content saw diminished reach then those who posted on a slightly lower frequency. 

With content on Instagram, the general rule is quality over quantity. Content value is the priority and post frequency comes second. Work on the notion of: post as much as you can whilst maintaining quality and sanity!


Clear Content Pillars

Your content pillars should be clearly defined, with a cohesive through thread and support your product suite. A lack of cohesion within pillars results in less targeted content and as a result, multiple target audiences. 

Your content pillars should closely link to your value proposition to ensure brand consistency and clarity. This will not only aid growth for your account but also help attract your target market. 


Feelings Over facts!

A lot of the time, business owners get caught up in the demographics of their target market- but psychographics is the most important aspect to consider. 

Create content with your audiences feelings, fears, aspirations and motivations in mind. What drives them? What scares them? What popular culture references will they understand? 


Conduct Market Research!

This is CRUCIAL as it will aid in you understanding how to tailor your content to your target audiences likes and interests. 

You can do this through general industry research, or more targeted market research- don’t be afraid to ask your current audience what they like to see through Q&As and/or surveys. 

Prioritise Reels!

Short form video is IN and your brand needs to be investing in this form of content creation to see the capacity for HUGE reach. 

Instagram reels, introduced early this year, are Instagram's endeavour to keep up with the short-form video trend dominating other social media networks such as TikTok. Reels not only provide incredible opportunities for reach but they are also a growing marketing tool mainly due to how well they integrate with Instagram's current business features. 

This short-form video content is dominating the platform, and you and your business should consider utilising this media type for increased reach opportunity.

Entertain as a Content Intention

Entertaining your audience is brilliant for both your brand awareness and nurture phases. Not only will this humanise your brand, but it’s also a great way to build an online community and hop on the back of viral trends. 


Value is in the eye of the beholder

It’s true! Where you may not see value in particular content, others do. Create your content with value at the forefront of consideration. A clear understanding of your target market and their psychographics will aid you with this. 


Did you find this useful? Will you be putting some of these tips into practice to see some growth for your account? Let us know in the comments below!

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