How to Nurture Your Audience

How to Nurture Your Audience

So, you want more followers… BUT are you nurturing the ones you already have?!


It’s funny - no matter how many followers a client has, they always want more. And that is natural - an increase in following is a genuine, important part of the Instagram sales funnel. 


But the question is - are you nurturing the followers you already have?


Here is the big secret 🤫… The secret to getting MORE followers, is taking care of the ones you already have! 


One of the key components your account needs in order to grow is an average or above average engagement rate. This is calculated by dividing your follower count by your total engagement. And if this number is low, the data the algorithm receives is that your content is low value. If your content is considered low value, it will not get enhanced reach. If it gets poor reach, you won’t find new accounts, if you're not shown to new accounts, they don’t know you exist… you see where we are going here? 


Here are some simple ways to nurture your current audience:

1. Create content that sparks conversation, and give them an opportunity to talk to you! 

2. Create stories that give a lot of opportunity for audience interaction. 

3. Respond to everything - comments and messages in particular. 

4. Engage with them on their page on in their stories - especially those who are regularly interacting with you! Spread the love!

5. And most importantly, create content that they will find funny, relatable or education. They are looking for a connection! 


How do you like to nurture your audience? Let us know in the comments! 


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