How To Sell on Instagram

How To Sell on Instagram

Our Top Take-aways from Sell Week

The second week of our 2022 Content Strategy Bootcamp looked at how to sell on Instagram. From nurturing and prepping your audience, to a careful consideration of the sales funnel and sales psychology as well as the design and marketability of your product suite- there is lots to consider!

With that in mind, let’s delve into our top takeaways from Sell Week…

Nurturing your audience is CRUCIAL

We didn’t dedicate an entire webinar to it for no reason! Nurturing your audience is critical to successfully utilising Instagram for sales. The nurture phase not only strengthens current follower relationships and builds the foundations for new ones, it also ensures you’re at the forefront of prospects minds when they’re ready to buy, establishes you as an authority and aids audience retention. 

Look at like this, you wouldn’t ask someone to look after your dog if you’d only just met them! You need to build that foundation of trust and mutual respect first! Ensure you take your followers from acquaintances to friends with a solid nurture phase!

To do this, we recommend creating content that:

Sparks conversation- what better way to engage with your community?!

Has a more personal edge- show your audience who you or your brand are!

Demonstrates your expertise and authority- this will show you or your brand as a trustworthy point of purchase and aid in establishing you as an authority within your industry. 


Establish trust through consistency

Consistency is key when it comes to conversion. As well as nurturing your audience, ensuring that your brand is consistent is integral to a successful sales phase. You can achieve this through consistent messaging, language, morality and behaviour. Not only does this also feed into your audience nurture but also enables you to further gain social currency and established trust in your brand. 


Considering sales psychology

As well as a well nurtured audience primed for purchase and large enough to sustain your goal, you also need to utilise target market psychographics and sales psychology. 

We touched on the importance of psychographics in our Grow Week blog post here, but they are crucial when driving sales for your business. In sell week, we looked at utilising your knowledge of your target market with sales psychology concepts of the Lizard brain and Monkey brain. 

The lizard brain considers basic survival instincts and the monkey brain is centred around societal pressures. These play a role with your audience psychographics in how you can utilise your content to encourage sales!


Instagram trades in the remarkable

Instagram trades in attention and the remarkable, so your product needs to contain certain elements to succeed on the platform and rise above the noise. 

Factors that give your product purchasing power include: 







Did you find this useful? Will you be putting some of these tips into practice to make sales for your business on Instagram? Let us know in the comments below!

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