How to Sell Without Feeling 'Salesy'

How to Sell Without Feeling 'Salesy'

Your content strategy should be 100% focussed around your business and your products- but that doesn’t mean you have to pack your content FULL of sales posts! In fact, we talk about our products every single day, and almost never make posts that are direct sales. 


When you nurture your community, engage with your followers and establish relationships, the sales follow naturally. 


Here are FIVE content ideas to help you talk about your products in a subtle way that will actually generate sales:



 Educational based content helps to establish you as a leader and authority in your niche. They give you an opportunity to educate about your product or show your expertise in a way that feels more like a gift and less like a sale. 


Get Relatable

 One of the most successful ways to sell your product is to show your audience you relate to them. Keep your relatable content funny and light using trending reels audios that do half the work for you. Extra points for putting your own twist on the trend. 


Solve Problems

 Every target audience has problems, fears and pain points. Identifying these and showing how your product or service solves them is a really powerful sales technique, and can be done in an extremely subtle way. 



 Q&As on your story give you the opportunity to give additional value that may be behind your paywall usually, but only for 24 hours. This helps you really show your worth without giving away your product. 


User Generated Content 

 This is basically a fancy way of describing reposting from customers, mini-influencers or ambassadors. With UGC, your ambassador or influencers make the sales on your behalf by showing your product or service in full use. This not only proves that other people are using and loving it, but it also creates distance between you and your sales messaging. 


Do you want to learn more about how to subtly sell on social media? Join us for our upcoming webinar- How to Sell Without Selling Your Soul. Buy tickets here. 

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