Instagram Strategy Do’s and Don’ts

Instagram Strategy Do’s and Don’ts

The internet is awash with constantly contrasting information on how to market your business on Instagram. As a result, knowing which ‘strategies’ to focus on can be confusing and stressful. At Pure Gallus Social, it is our mission to make content marketing as simple and accessible as possible. Here are our biggest ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’ for Instagram businesses of all niches, sizes and types!


Reels for Reach, Not Sales


Reels are an incredible brand awareness tool, and we know brand awareness is the first step towards a sale. However, when you want to convert those new followers into sales, reels is not the way. Try using statics or our favourite medium for sales- stories!


Engagement for Community, Not Growth


Stop engaging with your ‘target market’ and instead spend that time nurturing and getting to know your community. Engaging for growth purposes is tacky and ineffective. Instead, spend that time interacting with the people in your sales funnel, ie. your followers!


Post Consistent Content, Don’t Post Consistently


If you take the weekend off the algorithm doesn’t grow a new head and eat you up. Being consistent is important- sure, but we mean consistency with the presentation of your content, the tone, the messaging and the branding. Forget the schedule and turn up as often as you can with bomb, consistent content. 


Clarity Trumps Beauty


Yes, if you’re a graphic designer you are going to need a gorgeous feed. But, if your business doesn’t rely on being aesthetically pleasing as a key value proposition, don’t worry so much about a beautiful feed. Instead, worry that it is a clear from a birds eye view of your profile exactly what it is you do!


Quality Over Quantity


Quality over quantity is NOT an excuse fo perfectionism. Content out is better than no content. But, if you have to choose between 5 amazing posts and 7 mediocre ones, pick 5 amazing posts. Forcing yourself to post more is not going to help- although practice makes perfect so be sure to be putting out YOUR best quality content and not compare yourself to people further along the journey. 


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