Make Friends With The Algorithm

Make Friends With The Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm is an illusive beast. Constantly evolving in a bid to deliver relevant and interesting content to its users; it can be difficult to navigate and know what content to deliver. So, how do you turn the algorithm from fiend to friend? 


Firstly, let’s get something straight. The algorithm doesn’t hate you. The algorithm isn’t punishing you. The algorithm can’t do those things. It is just maths.


An algorithm is a little more than a sum. It merely interprets data; and who gives it the data to interpret? People do!


So to that end, YOUR AUDIENCE is in CHARGE of the ALGORITHM!


The algorithm shouldn’t be blamed for poor engagement or low reach. The algorithm makes choices of who to show what content to based almost PURELY on user interaction. If users are not interested in interacting with your content, it isn’t the fault of the algorithm. It is the fault of the content. People interact with content they like, It’s that simple. 


What happens when people interact with content they like? The algorithm shows it to more people- because if people engage with it, it must be of worth. If people don’t interact, they can only presume that content is not of value to the intended audience, and they will stop showing it to as many people. You can’t out-hack that process. No viral audio or hashtag strategy can change that. 


So, how do you please the people in charge of how the algorithm treats YOUR content? 


Entertain them

Educate them

Spark conversation

Be relatable

Be authentic 

Make content that is not about you, but about them. 


Concentrating on your content is key to keeping the algorithm and your audience friendly!


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