Our Top FIVE Canva Easter Eggs

Our Top FIVE Canva Easter Eggs

Your businesses social content is highly dependent on visual appeal. Canva makes the daunting task of generating graphics simple, with flexible templates and features and an easy to use interface. However, as user friendly as it may be, there are some hidden features that will help make your design process even simpler!


Here are our top five Canva Easter eggs! Once you start using these, you’ll never look back! 


Brand Kit 🎨

This feature is an absolute life-saver, and makes your design process as cohesive as possible. This time-saving tool helps you organise your brands aesthetic and branding elements, by allowing you to save your colours, fonts and logos all in one convenient place. 


This Canva pro tool means that when designing in Canva, you can easily navigate to your brand kit, swapping out colours in templates to your brand colours, ensuring that your designs remain cohesive and enhance the ability for brand awareness and recognisability.  


Tidy-up feature 🧹

If you, like us, have got frustrated with how much time is wasted trying to evenly space several elements, only for them to be wonky or mis-aligned then this feature is for YOU. The Canva ‘tidy up’ feature allows you to evenly space your design elements in seconds. 


Simply highlight your design elements, for example, text headings in a list. Then select ‘position’ on the right hand side of your design dashboard and ‘tidy up’. Just like magic, all your elements are evenly spaced! 


Background Remover Tool 🖼️

Removing the background in images has never been easier than with the Canva Pro background remover tool. 


As with most automatic features, there is margin for error, and sometimes it can remove too little or too much from the background of your object. But no worries! There’s a built-in feature that allows you to edit portions mistakenly removed or missed whilst the feature was processing!


This is a great feature for product based businesses who want to show case products in graphics!


Magic Re-sizing 📏

This feature is also a huge time saver, allowing you to resize your designs to be compatible across multiple social platforms. Simply click on the ‘resize’ tab and watch as your design is automatically resized!


Gif embedded 📱

Everyone loves a meme, and creating business specific ones has never been easier than with the embedded gif feature in Canva. 


Scroll down the left hand side of design dashboard, until you see the ‘embeds’ feature, then click on ‘GIPHY’. There is a huge bank of GIFs ready to be inserted straight into your design! 



What are some of your favourite Canva Pro features? Let us know in the comments below!

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