Product Launches = Data 📈

Product Launches = Data 📈

Have you recently launched your business? Or perhaps you just launched a new product and heard… crickets? 


When it comes to original product launches, we see many clients bogged down by how well the launch performs, often feeling disappointed when these numbers don’t meet their expectations. 


Here is the big secret… FIRST launches are NEARLY ALWAYS a disappointment. This is because we set entirely unrealistic expectations on our launches based on (sometimes fabricated…) stories we see on Instagram for 10K first launches for new businesses. 


The truth is, most first launches are never going to hit 10k. This is because we do not have enough DATA to fully strategise those launches. 


Instead of seeing your first launch as a FLOP, focus on the super useful data you got from the process! 


Some data from your organic Instagram strategy that you may want to consider/calculate are: 


  1. How many clicks from Instagram became a sale (link clicks divided by sales quantity) 
  2. What percentage of your followers become a sale (followers divided by 100x sales quantity)
  3. How many followers you need on average for a sale (followers divided by sales)
  4. How much reach it takes you to attract a new follower (reach in a 30 day period divided by gross new followers in a 30 day period)
  5. Demographic data (comparing Instagram insights to your Google Analytics on your sales platform)


All of these statistics can help you ensure your next launch meets your lofty expectations! Consider this your product launch cheat sheet 😉


If you need more help with your launch strategy, why not book a 1-1 Instagram consultancy session. Here, we can help you build a strategy to ace your next launch and make more sales in the future. Click the box below to book your slot! 

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