Seven Instagram “Strategies” YOU Shouldn’t Care About

Seven Instagram “Strategies” YOU Shouldn’t Care About

Instagram is inundated with constantly contrasting information on how to market your business on the app…we are here to do the OPPOSITE. Here at Pure Gallus Social, it is our mission to make content marketing as accessible to as many small business owners as possible. As a result, here are seven “hacks” and “strategies” you can stop worrying about RIGHT NOW!


1. When to post…

Do you think Kim Kardashian is worrying about the perfect time to post? Of course not. Instead, they build an undeniable personal brand an army of stans. Be like Kim. Put your energy into your content, your brand and your community instead of details like this that MIGHT make a MINUSCULE difference. Good content and good community always wins. 


2. How Many Hashtags #️⃣

Stop stressing over whether the perfect number is 8, 15 or 30. Instead, be more mindful of hashtag RELEVANCE. The relevancy of your hashtags (especially for reels!) is 100x more important than how many of them you used. 


3. Engaging with Target Market 👥

Engaging for hours in hashtags, comments etc is a total waste of time, aside from the fact its also really inauthentic. Instead, spend your time interacting with YOUR community as much as possible. 


4. How Many Days to Post 📅

The ideal posting schedule is the maximum (within reason) you can manage, while maintaining QUALITY and SANITY. Those two things are all that matter. 


5. Daily Stories 📱

If you don’t really have something interesting to say or value to impart, you don’t need to go on your stories every day to be successful. We recommend 3-4 REALLY good stories (Q&As, Quizzes, Mini-tutorials etc) instead. 


6. Grid Patterns 🖼️

Look. No one really cares about whether your instagram grid has a pretty pattern. Concentrate on making sure your value proposition is super clear on your profile instead of aesthetics. 


7. Following Target Market 👤

Following your target market is in the same bucket as the follow/unfollow technique and engaging for attention. It’s not sustainable, and it’s inauthentic. Instead, follow who you’re INTERESTED in. Who you FOLLOW isn’t part of a growth strategy. 


So there you have it. Seven things you can STOP worrying about and wasting time on. Instead, you can spend your time elevating your content and your brand, and ACTUALLY getting the instagram success you want!


Which of these can you not wait to bin? Let us know in the comments below! 


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