Six types of Content that make BANK

Six types of Content that make BANK

Instagram is a wonderful tool for e-commerce, with 90% of users following at least one business page on Instagram. 


If you’re trying to make sales using Instagram, this blog post is for you! Here are some great sales-generating post ideas to help get the dinero flowing in the right direction!



Educational based content helps to establish you as a leader and authority in your niche, so weave tutorials into your content often. 


Share Client Successes

Knowing that your customers and clients are having success with your service or product can be super inspirational for your client base and help motivate them into purchasing. 


Testimonials and Reviews

Your potential customers want to hear about your product or service straight from the horses mouth, so let your current customers do the selling for you!



Q&A’s on your story give you the opportunity to give additional value that may be behind your pay wall usually, but only for 24 hours. This helps you really show your worth without giving away your product. 


User Generated Content

This is basically a fancy way of describing reposting from customers, mini-influencers or ambassadors. This helps make sales by showing your product or service in full use, and proves that other people are using and loving it. 


Product Focus

You know, you have to tell people the thing you sell if you want to sell more of it tight? A product deep dive that shows off the features and benefits you can help your customers know that this is the product for them!


Which of these ideas are you going to use first? Let us know in the comments below!

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