The Four Instagram Strategy Basics You NEED to Know!

The Four Instagram Strategy Basics You NEED to Know!

Are you ready to start creating a content strategy, but don’t know where to start? We got you!


Creating a comprehensive content strategy for your small business can seem daunting, especially when the internet is awash with contrasting information. Here at Pure Gallus Social, it is our mission to make content marketing as accessible as possible, so scroll down to discover the FOUR Instagram Strategy basics you SHOULD know to help you get started! 



Define your Goal 🎯

A strategy without a goal is like a treasure map with no X to mark the treasure. It is totally useless. Your goals should be clearly defined, and preferably numerical. Ps: there is NOTHING wrong with having a follower count as a goal- considered correctly it is NOT just a vanity metric. 


Know your Phasing 👥

Are you in a sales phase? Nurture phase? Recovery phase? Brand awareness phase? It’s important to know what season your business is in and tailor your strategy (and goal) to your phase. If this is misaligned you will go absolutely nowhere. 


Define your Pillars 🏛️

Content pillars are what you hang your entire strategy on. Your pillars should be directly correlated with your products, services, or areas of expertise. Things like ‘tips’ or ‘behind the scenes’ are NOT content pillars. 


Research Psychographics 🧠

Demographics? Who cares. It’s all about psychographics. What makes your audience tick? What are they into? What are they scared of? What drives them? This is what is going to really inform a killer content strategy! 


Still not sure about where to start with content strategy? Then look no further! Content Club is our subscription based service that takes ALL the stressing and guessing out of your content marketing for good. With a fully strategised content plan delivered to your inbox, we take care of the strategy and leave you with the fun part- getting creative! Interested? Click the button below and join the club today! 


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