The ULTIMATE Reels Checklist

The ULTIMATE Reels Checklist

Short form video is IN and your brand needs to be investing in this form of content creation to see the capacity for HUGE reach. But how can you rise against the noise and stop the scroll?!

What are the components of a really successful reel?


1️⃣ Eye catching intro

Use movement or colour to stop the scroll! This encourages a longer watch time and, as a result, increased reach. 


2️⃣ Trending Audio

Not all viral reels have trending audio, but you increase your likelihood by including an audio that is on an upward trajectory, so try and get in early on those trends. 


3️⃣ Consistent Visuals

Colours, fonts, filters, even YOU should have consistent visual elements. This will massively increase your reach to follower ratio. 


4️⃣ Provide Value

Whether it is entertainment value or educational value, you need to be giving value to your audience. Think of each reel as a little value packed gift for your audience!


5️⃣ Call to Action

Don’t forget to call your audience into action, either on the reel itself or in the caption (eg: Like if you agree, let me know in the comments, shop my link in bio etc)


6️⃣ Keep it Short and Sweet

The highest engaging reel length on average is 12 seconds. Stay below the 15 second threshold to optimise your engagement. 


7️⃣ Hyper Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags on reels don’t increase reach, but they do help the algorithm know who to serve your content to! So make sure your hashtags are super relevant to your reel and your value proposition. 


8️⃣ Clear Cover

Make sure that when people come to your feed, they will know what this reel is about by ensuring the cover is indicative of the value within!


9️⃣ Energy, Energy, Energy!!

No one wants to watch someone who looks bored of their own content. To be successful on reels you need to bring your own unique energy to the table!


🔟 Trendy Transitions

This is really for extra points! Transitions will not make or break your reel efforts, but they can give you an extra boost by keeping your audience super entertained!


Okay, you’re ready! Tag @puregallussocial in your next reel so we can see!

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