Three Ways to use Ambassadors Ethically 👥

Three Ways to use Ambassadors Ethically 👥

Ambassador schemes are common practice on Instagram, but executing them well for your business involves walking a fine line that can be tricky to navigate. 


Nothing breaks trust like feeling scammed and lied to, and cold call style DM’s does BOTH. However, that doesn’t mean that ambassador schemes have to be like this- it can be done in an ethical, mutually beneficial way that leaves everyone happy!


So, how can you utilise ambassadorship strategies ethically and effective?


Equitable ⚖️

In a great ambassador scheme, you and your ambassadors need to get equal benefit from the partnership. Giving your ambassador a £20 product and expecting them to create you content AND advertise your business on their page for free is not a reasonable exchange. Finding a balance that is genuinely equitable will increase the likelihood of success. 


Loyalty 🤝

The best ambassadors are those who have purchased from you before. These people have shown they have an invested interest in your products already, and accurately represent your clientele. Picking random accounts based on follower count instead of brand loyalty can result in poor partnerships. 


Clear 🔮

Most ambassador programmes fall down not on value, equity, or loyalty, but on clarity. Make sure you’re crystal clear with your ambassadors what you want from them and what they can expect from you. 



Want some further clarity on how to effectively use ambassador schemes for YOUR business? Why not book in a 1-1 Instagram Strategy call for tailored advice on how to utilise ambassadorships and create a scheme that brings value! Click the box below to book your slot! 

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