What to do during the reach blackout of February 2022

What to do during the reach blackout of February 2022

I have had SO many comments recently complaining about low reach in hashtags that I simply HAD to investigate for myself. 

So I put a poll in my story. A whopping 86% of my followers are reporting a huge drop in reach, particularly from hashtags in the 7-10 days. That is too high a percentage to just be a coincidence right?

Reach drops can be for a huge range of reasons. My top guess is that with all the app development going on right now there are some algorithmic glitches that are effecting reach, especially in hashtags. So what should you do about it?! 




Okay, so you're not getting much reach from outside your followership. That doesn’t suddenly mean that your content is of no value to your followers?! Since when were new people the only ones that matter to you?! That is definitely not a good attitude! Get that mindset back under control! 




Okay, you were hoping to be in a brand awareness phase right now on Instagram, but if you're getting little to no reach outside of your followers, that isn’t going to be very effective. A brand awareness phase is almost entirely focussed on attracting new followers to your page using viral content. In an environment where there seems to be a temporary dip in reach, achieving this becomes less and less likely. To avoid heartache, I recommend you pivot…






While reach external to your followership appears to be at a standstill, you will need to temporarily pivot in your strategy. Instead of focussing on content to attract new followers, focus on content specifically for your current followers. These longer-term fans will enjoy more human-centric content such as telling your personal story, showing your vulnerable side, or telling a funny (but relevant) story. They may also enjoy more in-depth educational content that stretches their knowledge. Try adding more Lives or more interactive stories content to connect with your audience. You may also want to take this time to focus on in-market content such as sales content or inspiring testimonials, which are not as attractive to new audiences. 





Instagram is fantastic, and may be your primary marketing tool - but it shouldn’t be your only one. If you are hell-bent on brand awareness during this time, consider migrating a bunch of your reels over to TikTok, which has incredible discoverability. If you are nurturing your current audience, why not add some more value for your email list or concentrate on longer form content like blogs or YouTube videos? 

Like all things, this too shall pass. Most glitches such as this rectify themselves within a maximum of a couple of weeks. A couple of weeks of reach is NOT going to make or break your page, so stop watching your stats and go with the flow! 


Are you struggling with these issues? Let us know in the comments below!

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I’ve been struggling with this issue since October. It’s very frustrating

Ariadna Mendez

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