Why ALL You NEED is More REACH on Instagram

Why ALL You NEED is More REACH on Instagram

Spend hours obsessing over likes and comments? Dream of having more followers and more sales? Then the answer is very simple. You need more reach. No matter what your goal is on Instagram, reach is the first step. 


Gaining reach is the purpose of any Brand Awareness Stage. It is the life-blood of your instagram success. If reach is poor, then new accounts can’t find you to follow you. If they can’t find you and follow you, they won’t buy from you.


Here are some top tips to getting more reach! 


High Engagement Rate

Your engagement rate determines whether or not instagram will view your content is high value or not. If it does not view your content as high value, you will find it really hard to get additional reach. Concentrate on engaging with your CURRENT followers, not engagement on hashtags etc which will bring you only very short term results. Community is king. 


Reels, Reels, Reels!

No content type gets reach like reels does. Quite often, even a reel we think of as a “flop” gets significantly more reach than normal static posts. If you want to have a successful brand awareness phase, reels should make up at least 2/3 of your content plan. 


Entertain Your Audience

There are very few viral or high reach reels that are not entertaining. Entertainment is the main reason people come to instagram in the first place! Focus on creating entertainment and edutainment in order to increase your reach! 


Hashtags for Additional Reach

Hashtags can be a vital part of your high-reach strategy. Focus on using hashtags which are an appropriate size for your account, and hashtags which are VERY relevant to your value proposition. If you can use 30 that are super-relevant, go for it. If you find that in order to use more hashtags, they become less tailored and targeted, cut your hashtag quantity down. 


Are YOU ready to step into a killer brand awareness phase and increase your followers, engagement and sales? Let us know in the comments below!


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