Why Customers Ghost You

Why Customers Ghost You

Have you found your customers ghost you after a socials pitch? Then you’re not alone! It’s a tale as old as time- a customer seems super into it, and then “poof”, they stop responding to your DMs and DISAPPEAR! This can happen for a number of reasons- and not all of them are within your control:


🗣️ They Felt Too Sold To

They showed interest in your product and you didn’t play it cool enough and went in with the sales pitch. 


💰 Pricing 

It could be that your item is priced incorrectly for your target market, or that you are attracting attention from people outside of your target demographic. 


✨ Too Polite to say No

They thought they were interested but after some more information from you, not so much! BUT they feel too awkward to say no- so they hide!


☁️ You Led with Benefits, not Emotions

It can be tempting to tell your potential customers all the benefits of your product, but it is just as important (if not more important) to make sure you cater to the emotional need of the customer, ie: how this product will make them feel. 


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