Content Club Cancellation Policy


Welcome to Content Club! Please find our cancellation policy outlined below:
  • Content Club operates on a buy per unit format, rather than a buy per timeframe (ie: £47 per plan). Much like if you were to subscribe to a beauty box or book box subscription. 

  • When you cancel, you will not receive any more plans, nor will we take any additional payments. 

  • If your first order is between 20th- end of the month you will receive the current month’s plan as well as the next calendar month’s plan. In this circumstance, you will only be billed for one plan. 

  • You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time either via your customer portal or by emailing a member of the team at 

  • When you cancel your subscription, you will have access to the Facebook accountability group, Content Clubhouse until the end of your billing period. At the end of this period, a member of our team will manually remove you from the group. 

  • If you have purchased an annual subscription, this is a year-long commitment and cannot be cancelled within the 12 month period. 

  • If you pause your subscription, you will have access to Content Clubhouse for a maximum of three paused months. 

  • Please let a member of our team know if you would rather pause your account than cancel it. 

  • You can reinstate your Content Club subscription at any point after cancellation by emailing a member of our team at 

Thank you!