Introducing...The Give Back to Biz Scheme

Pure Gallus Social started on Instagram with one goal and one goal only - to help small businesses to to ace their instagram strategy. We have served that goal not only with our products, but through OODLES of free content across our platforms. 

Free support is a key founding principle of PGS - and we are always looking at new, ways we can help small and start-up businesses start to grow and earn using instagram.

We are ready to take the next step in that support strategy. 

How it works


The GBTB Scheme is specifically for Product Based Businesses, and is designed to benefit the businesses involved at all stages. In short, participatory businesses apply to donate product to star in upcoming PGS content! In return for their donation, participants will receive:


  1. Their product will star centre stage in a PGS tutorial reel - either a transitions reel, a tutorial or an educational piece. The participating business will be tagged & referenced in the caption.
  2. We will conduct a live unboxing of their parcel on the PGS story.
  3. They will receive a fully edited reel of their product to use on their own page (purely a product feature reel, no PGS nonsense 😉)
  4. They will receive ALL footage and photography taken during the shoots, that they can use as they please
  5. Additionally, the footage we create using their products will enter our footage bank, and may be reused in more future reels, or be featured on TikTok.


The GBTB Box


Once products have been used, they will be added to our Give Back to Biz Box! At the end of the month, we will pick one lucky winner from our mailing list. This winner will receive a box FULL of all the featured products from reels that month! So if you can’t take part as a participant, you can simply join our mailing list and be in the running for a gorgeous small biz care package!